VLT EssentialLEDs™ products now available with Nichia Optisolis™ Ultra-High CRI White LEDs

How important is color?

It can be the distinction between “rustic rouge” and “ruby red” or “barely blue” and “stunning sapphire”. It can expose the subtle nuance of a priceless work of art as well as influence a customer to notice a display, stop and interrupt their stride for a big sale.

In short, color is Essential.

Nichia Optisolis™ LEDs achieves Ultra High CRI with a spectrum that demonstrates the closest match to standard incandescent sources. With VLT EssentialLED products using Nichia Optisolis™ LEDs, specifiers can trust in a spectrum where all colors are reproduced to the color seen under a standard light. Most importantly, since UV emission is essentially non-existent in the spectrum, the degradation of lighted materials can be reduced dramatically compared to that of other light sources containing UV emission, including other market available LEDs.

VLT EssentialLEDs™ with Nichia Optisolis™ LEDs target applications include Museum and Art Gallery Lighting, where the highest CRI is preferred, but UV radiation and light sources can be detrimental. Additional applications include Retail Lighting or anywhere Ultra High CRI is desired.

For additional information about VLT EssentialLEDs™ with Nichia Optisolis™ LEDs, contact VLT or your local VLT representative.

VLT Products with Optisolis