IP54| Compact Large square extrusion for linear lighting applications. Slim extrusion wall (0.15”) with 2 options of luminit lensing for seamless dot free imaging. UL Listed dry/damp. Includes selection of 10 LED Boards: 3 with Nichia LEDs on a Standard Pitch; 4 with EssentialLEDs. Choice LEDs on a Narrow Pitch, with Dim-to-Warm (3000°K to 1800°K) capability when used with Lutron driver. See lumen outputs, CCTs, wattage, and other variables on Choice Linear Fundamentals.

For maximum lumen output, choose Dual Row 3435D LED Board. Available in Silver or Black Finishes. LF60 (Medium) or LF100 (Heavy) required for full diffusion. Photometrics vary based on CCT and lensing.