Power Panels provide a secure, organized and ventilated back-of-house unit to contain and control multiple drivers. Initial installations are easier and require less electrician time because a single power input runs multiple drivers. Future maintenance is easier and helps to avoid store shut-downs. Organized Power Panels also facilitate trouble-shooting by making it easy to identify the driver that connects to every LED fixture in the store.

Each LED Driver Power Panel incorporates up to 16 – 100w eldoLED constant current drivers. LED Driver Power Panels facilitate easy integration with DALI, DMX or 0-10v control systems, and insure smooth, natural, video-flicker-free dimming down to zero, with full control of the dimming curve.

Each LED Driver Power Panel provides up to 2 input circuits (1 main and 1 alternate power sources such as battery backup), and up to 64 low voltage (class 2) output wires. Both 120 – 277v input and low voltage outputs can accomodate up to #8 AWG wire; within the unit, wire management channels keep wires under control. Wire pass-thru inside each box allows units to be closely stacked and wired together.


Power Panel CC Cutsheet

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