Power Panels provide a secure, organized and ventilated back-of-house unit to contain and control multiple drivers. Initial installations are easier and require less electrician time because a single power input runs multiple drivers. Future maintenance is easier and helps to avoid store shut-downs. Organized Power Panels also facilitate trouble-shooting by making it easy to identify the driver that connects to every LED fixture in the store.

Each LED Driver Mini Power Panel is available with 3 or 7 – 96w Magnitude SoliDrive drivers, 4 or 9 – 96w Magnitude E-Series drivers, or 3 or 7 – 96w VLT HELD drivers. When choosing 3 or 4 drivers models, the Power Panel will be a single high unit. With 7 or 9 drivers models, you will get a double high configuration with a single cover plate.

In both single and double configurations, your installation will require only 1 single power input, 1 single control input, and 1 low voltage output per driver. And since Mini-Recessed Power Panel is sized to fit in between standard wall studs, mounting your panel is just as ea easy as wiring it up.