The Mainline SL21 is a high-performance small profile cove and display luminaire with an integral driver. This small and discreet luminaire is ideal for under-shelf applications in museums, retail and/ or hospitality. It combines high performance LED technology with user friendly features for quick plug and play line voltage installations.  Surface mounted LED system constructed out of extruded aluminum with diffuse acrylic lens. Available in different lengths with a minimum length of 8.25″ and a maximum length of 44″.  The Mainline SL21 is outfitted with high efficacy LEDs with superior color performance having high CRI (90+) and R9>90. Built-in selectable Color Temperature (SCT1) enables adjustment of the color temperature to 3000K, 3500K, and 4000.  Using 6.0 watts per foot, and delivers 500 lumens per foot.  Luminaires snap together without tools for continuous row applications of up to 82′ or 500 watts total.