Each 2.2mm Sparkle Series fiber optic cable consists of 420 fine glass fibers encased in a clear PVC jacket. These glass fibers emit tiny irregular points of light at random locations along the length of the fiber. When massed together in a chandelier or curtain, thousands of these light points create a dramatic shimmering effect.

The creation of your showpiece begins by sending a sketch of your ideas to our designers; we can provide design guidance and help you with the technical requirements – an example sketch is shown below. Chandeliers can be virtually any size or shape – examples include an 84″ round stalactite, a 120′ long serpentine curtain, or a 2’x2′ square that fits into a ceiling grid. Fiber arrangement and spacing can also be varied to achieve different effects: a grid of 1″x1″ centers, a spiral with 3 rows on 2″x2″ spacing, or fibers in the shape of a company logo are just a few possibilities. Individual fibers can be accessorized through the addition of Swarovski crystals, acrylic beads, chrome weights or custom art glass – or can be left bare for a simple yet dazzling effect.

Finally, your illuminator choice will bring your chandelier to life: white light produces a spectacular brilliance, while color changing illuminators enhance a mood and generate visual interest.